Independent AV Consulting and Design House

Quintessential AV Design Solution 

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Provides independent and unbiased consultancy services for AV, lighting, acoustic and control system solution

System Design

Design services include AV technical system design,  with no affiliations with any specific brands, products, or technologies

AV Training

Customised in-house training programs for operators, technicians, engineers and educators in field of audio visual


Programming of audio DSP, control and graphic user interface solution, for complete audio, lighting and show control system


Live Sound

Offers live sound & lighting design and engineering services for corporate, private, government events



Our Clients and Industries

AV Consultancy with Documentation and Drawings for Any Architecture Space
Feasible Aesthetic and Space Implementation Study and System Design
Design Unified Visual, Communication and Control System for Small to Large Advanced AV System
Evaluation and Recommendation of Scalable Product and Technology
Design Cost Effective and User Friendly AV System
Design System to Represent Unified Technology and Improve Reliability.
Takes AV Creativity to Next Level with The Right Technology and System Design
Unbiased Representative with Integrity to Develop Cost Effective AV Solution
Design Advance Visualisation, 3D, Theme Parks and Interactive Solutions
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