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Our role is to provide guidance on the practicality of various technical solutions and media technologies, present you with options and working budgets and suggest alternative approaches. We design towards a clear definition of the scope and quality of the finished audio-visual systems – ensuring that they integrate with the other aspects of the project. We will research the best technologies, need  analyses and products differentiation that meets the project budget and clients requirements. 


Our independent and unbias service includes:

1. Develop AV Design Packages

2. Technical Specification and System Design

3. AV Tender Documentation and Integrator Evaluation 

4. System Testing and Commissioning

System Design

Our team of specialists has extensive experience and knowledge in designing av solution for wide range of application and environment. We meticulously research and create designs that not only limiting  within the boundary of  av application but as well the integration with other components of an overall solution.


Our technical design covers small to large complex advanced system for audio, projection, lighting and control system for any type of av application for government agencies, education commercial, corporate, entertainment, theme park industry and as well special projects


Our system design scope covers:

1. Preliminary Design Stage,

2. Detail Design Stage

3. Schematic Design and EASE Modelling

4.Space and Layout Design


AV Training

Audiovisual forms a key part of communication tools in today's education, corporate and commercial world.

Having a strong product and operation knowledge of these tools is essential for getting the best performance of the overall AV system. At Sequential, we advocate in providing comprehensive education solution for audiovisual application and practices for system operators, technicians, engineers, and owners.


We tailor-make training and workshops based on the Client's requirements and provides in-house customised programs to equip the participants with in-depth knowledge in the system and it's functionality.


Our programs applies for:

1. Schools, Polytechnics, and Universities- AV Department

2. Large Corporation - IT and AV Teams

3. Hospitality and Entertainment Establishments - AV Technicians

4. Government Agencies- AV Technician and Engineer



A badly programmed AV or a show control system will have severe operational consequences, affects the functionality and credibility of a system thus failing the av investment and final outcome of User experience.Programming a reliable av control system requires not only coding knowledge but in-depth experience in system design and operational concept.


Our team of certified programmer not only do programming but study the implementation process in detail as part of developing control system programs. Their in-depth experience and knowledge in wide range of control application and GUI interface design provide intuitive and logical programming solution that electronically gel the system together and provides a reliable framework for communication between system.


Our programming and GUI design covers:

1. Crestron, Extron and  AV System Related Command Based Coding and

   GUI Interface Design

2. Any Audio DSP Programming and System Tuning

3. Timeline based Show Control programming and Control interface

System Design
AV Training
Live Sound

Live Sound

Our team of live sound and lighting engineer offers sound and lighting system for a wide variety of events. This includes system design and planning, working closely with event organisers to facilitate the requirements. 


Our services covers:

1. Live and Conference Events

2. Live Sound Engineering

3. Rental and Installation

4. System Calibration and Tuning



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